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Operating Theatre funded by the Beit Trust
Operating Theatre funded by the Beit Trust

The Murambi Garden Clinic, Zimbabwe

“ I am overjoyed at the generosity of the Beit Trust and am so excited to move forward on this project. I will inform all of our Board Members this morning and will then revert back to you. Thank you so, so much. This is such an incredible opportunity to improve our operations at Murambi Garden Clinic and I am so grateful.”

Nsobe Trust Community School, Ndola
Nsobe Trust Community School, Ndola, Zambia: dining /assembly hall under construction.

Nsobe Trust School, Zambia

“I woke up this morning to find THE most exciting email from the Beit Trust! Thank you and your trustees so very much for your belief in our school project and for the Beit Trust’s most generous approval of our grant application. We will get cracking ASAP. I know I’ll be walking around with a huge grin as I share this wonderful news with our community.”

Limapela Development Limited

Limapela Development Limited, Zambia

Classroom Block, Cedric’s School
“We would like the Trust to know that we are grateful indeed for the three grants the Trust has made to Limapela Cedric’s Secondary Department. The community is respectful and appreciative, and the pupils are indeed very much better off in their daily learning as a result of the fine buildings we have been able to erect with your help.”


Lisa SidambeLisa Sidambe (Zimbabwe)
Leeds (MA in Conflict, Development and Security)
“I am indebted to the Beit Trust for having extended this once in a lifetime opportunity. During my year of study, I grew as a person and developed clarity of thought as to who I ultimately want to become. The interactions I had were enlightening. They made me appreciate the importance of positioning myself as a young leader who will act in service of others and in response to any emergent national/global challenges.”
Charity KamankhudzaCharity Kamankhudza (Malawi)
Rhodes University (Master of Commerce in Financial Markets)
“The Beit Trust Scholarship is one of the best out there. I completed my studies without any worries about finances. I also appreciate the constant communication between us (The Scholars) and the Trust. I am heartily thankful to the Beit Trust for giving me the opportunity to pursue the Masters in Financial Markets at Rhodes University. This course has greatly broadened my knowledge and skills on financial markets and has given me a competitive edge in my career. I am really motivated right now to use my knowledge and skills for the betterment of Malawi.”

Alois MahachiAlois Mahachi (Zimbabwe)
Leeds (MSc in Financial Risk Management)

“The assistance I got during my entire academic journey was exquisite from beginning to end; every step was executed timeously with precision, professionalism, and care. All I can say is, may the good work continue for the future Beitlights. Thank you for awarding me the opportunity to complete in a global scale at an academic level. Many thanks for allowing me to extend my stay for the additional University internship which helped me grow professionally. The immense support from the Beit Trust, in its entirety, made the academic year a major success and I am proud to be a Beit Scholar.”

Mutale ChandaMutale Chanda (Zambia)
Edinburgh (MSc in Africa & International Development)

“I have had quite a year, quite an experience. Settling into a city with such rich and diverse culture has truly expanded my view of the world. Placement in a learning environment that encouraged, above all, risk taking and free thought has been highly rewarding and empowering. Away from academics, I have had the opportunity to experience a completely different way of life from the one I’m used to and that has been facilitated my personal growth. I am interminably grateful to the Trust for this once in a lifetime opportunity and for the personalised attention and support I received when personal challenges threatened to derail my studies. Thank you.”


Damage from Cyclone Idai
Damage from Cyclone Idai, Zimbabwe, March 2019
Restored Umvumvumvu Bridge
Restored Umvumvumvu Bridge
Restored Umvumvumvu Bridge
PPE equipment
PPE equipment for medical workers in Zimbabwe


Mabuya and her calf
Rhino Conservation, Zimbabwe: Mabuya and her calf

How we make a difference


Grants are still occasionally given for very large new constructions, such as hospitals and schools. In general, however, most projects are chosen with the purpose of enhancing existing establishments or programmes, such as independent, rural, or mission schools, hospitals, or wildlife schemes.


The Trust provides a limited number of Postgraduate Scholarships for relevant courses at universities in the United Kingdom or South Africa. Candidates must be nationals of and domiciled in Zambia, Zimbabwe or Malawi (the “Beneficial Countries”) and aged under 30 (or 35 in the case of medical doctors).


Academic and vocational bursaries are also provided at selected training organisations, and medical bursaries are provided to selected British doctors and students whose visits will be of immediate, skilled and practical benefit to hospitals in the three beneficial countries.

Otto Beit Bridge