Mwandi Mission Hospital

Semi Detached Housing Block for Medical Officers
Zambia –  November 2022

On behalf of the Mwandi Rural Community and Mwandi Mission Hospital, we are so grateful to continue our partnership with the Beit Trust.

Mwandi Mission Hospital serves a population of over 40,000. Due to the poor state of the road to Livingstone, it is critical that we have at least three medical doctors working at the hospital on a 24/7 routine. Unfortunately, this has not been possible in the last seven years, due to lack of doctors’ accommodation caused by the collapse of over a century old doctor’s house.

This means we only have one doctor who works 24/7. Whenever he goes on leave or for a meeting, we have no doctor in the whole District. The solution came in form of a grant, from the Beit Trust, of K664,936.46, which enabled us to build a Beit Trust Doctors’ Flat. This modern flat will be able to comfortably accommodate 2 doctors’ families, which in turn will make our rural hospital competitive in attracting skilled doctors. This will help the community to access quality health care, which will include reducing maternal and trauma deaths.

Harold Haamumba
November 2022