Makomborero Zimbabwe Trust

University Accommodation Renovations
Zimbabwe – November 2021

We would like to thank Beit Trust for their incredible generosity which has funded the renovations and kitting out of our University Residence.

University students in Zimbabwe often find themselves renting unsuitable accommodation which often has poor water and electricity supplies. Public transport is unreliable, often involving long queues that take away from the students’ study time. It has been Makomborero’s dream to help Makomborero university students with more suitable accommodation that is conducive for study. In December 2019, we embarked on this journey, having been donated a house that is a walk away from the University of Zimbabwe campuses. Beit Trust generously donated the funds to renovate and kit out the residence.

We took on five students (three boys and two girls) in September to December as a trial run. This went very well. We have welcomed those five students back this semester and we will take on five more students this January. We will have ten students in total during the first semester in 2022. We plan to do the intakes in phases until we are at full capacity. Below is a summary of what was achieved with the Beit Trust funding: 

The House
We were able to repair walls where it was necessary as well as paint the whole house. The kitchen and some bedrooms were re-tiled. Two solar geysers were fitted.  The whole house had new student-friendly curtains made. Fire extinguishers, a fire blanket and sand are all in place. We ran a competition with the students to name their bedrooms and a sign was made for each of the bedrooms from the winning entry. Kurota, Daira, Kutenda, Tariro and Kushinga. 

Below, the current girls’ room (left) and boys’ room (right

A lovely gazebo was built to allow studying outside and this was kitted with six benches. Already, we have been able to host a student social and this went down very well.

The gazebo just after the summer rains


The five bedrooms were kitted out with a mix of bunk beds and single beds to cater for twenty students. These also had brand new mattresses. Book shelves were made available in the rooms that had less storage. Basket chairs were made for the dining area. The large lounge area was turned into a study room with a large table and chairs enough to accommodate twenty comfortably.

Below, basket chairs in the lounge area on the left, the study area on the right. Lockers bottom middle.


We were able to buy new pots and pans for the kitchen as well as plates, cups and other utensils.

Current residents
The five students we have had since September say living at the University Residence is a life changing experience! They are so pleased they save money by walking to campus. One says his social life is much better as he does not have to worry about getting two buses home after meeting with friends. There is more time to study and less time wasted queueing up for public transport.

The future
We are working towards having the house at full capacity. With more funding, we plan to fit two more geysers as well as purchase a 10 000 litre water tank in order to be able to serve twenty students. We would also like to remove the main bath into a communal shower area.

Final words
This University Residence provides much more than a place to stay for our students! It provides security, safety, a buzzing social atmosphere and a family environment with like-minded people going through similar stages in life. We would not have been able to achieve this without the Beit Trust funding. Thank you very, very much!

Kind regards
Laura Albertyn
Makomborero Zimbabwe Trust