African Revival – Siachitema Secondary School

Classroom Block
November 2021, Zambia

We are very grateful for your financial support that made implementation of this project possible. The school and the community are equally very thankful to Beit Trust for this support.

Kind regards,
Godwin Kamangala

Providing a new high-quality classroom block will help the pupils at Siachitema to learn effectively and consistently throughout the year. It will also help to attract higher calibre of staff. The attraction, and retention of well-trained staff is incredibly important in rural schools – research conducted in the US found that ‘high value-added’ teachers can generate significant additional earnings for their students during adult life.

Improved education has been proven to have a causal and direct impact on numerous social markers such as sanitation, health and mortality, nutrition, civic participation, and rural poverty. Over time improved education in the Kalomo District will create notable returns both financially and with regards to health. These returns will contribute towards rural development, eventually lifting many children and families out of poverty.

The improved infrastructure will increase enrolment and attainment over time as parents will be encouraged to send their children to the school. We hope to see many pupils continuing with their education to secondary school.