Greendale Senior Citizens Trust

Solar Geysers 
Zimbabwe, September 2020

I am writing on behalf of all the residents here at the Greendale Senior Citizens Trust flats, and we would like to convey to the Beit Trust our heartfelt gratitude for the wonderful gift of solar geysers, which have just been installed in our complex.

This generosity helps us in two major ways:

There will be good hot water on demand whenever we want or need it, which just makes life so much easier in so many ways, without worrying about the cost;

Our electricity bills will be greatly reduced, to the delight of us senior citizens on fixed incomes of continually devaluing pensions.

We are all so happy and pleased with our new geysers – much appreciation and big smiles all round!

Thank you so very much for thinking of us in this way. We are truly grateful for such a “gift which will go on giving” for a long time to come.

May God bless you and your good work at the Beit Trust.

Di Harrower