Atupele Community Hospital

Semi-detached house construction project 
Malawi, Jul 2023

Expression of Gratitude

In first place, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for the support in terms of grant for the construction of semi-detached house aiming at accommodating the doctors.

For a long time, Atupele Community hospital has been experiencing challenge of lack of accommodation.
Consequently, it has been unable to attract and retain the crucial cadres of Human Resources for health specifically, medical doctors. Now that we have a semi-detached house, the hospital will be able to retain these crucial cadres and the delivery of health care service will greatly improve.

Your financial assistance has really come to our rescue and it will go a long way in saving he lives of poor catchment communities and general public.

Hopefully, you will be able to continue supporting us in similar projects as we still lobbying for assistance to construct more staff houses and other projects such as operation theatre.

May our good God through Christ Jesus keep on blessing you all abundantly.

Mr Nicholas Nyirenda
Senior Hospital Administrator
Atupele Community Hospital
Karonga, Malawi