Shekinah Glory Children’s Home

Skills Training Centre
Zimbabwe – January 2023

Shekinah Glory Organization is a non-governmental Organization registered under PVO 23/18 and operating in Zvishavane District, Zimbabwe. Shekinah Glory Organization is also running the Shekinah Glory Children’s Home which is the first and only children’s Home in Zvishavane District. Shekinah completed their first skills training center at the Children’s Home in January 2022.

Young people in the Zvishavane Community especially the rural areas need to be empowered and capacitated as a way to alleviate poverty in the community. Creating skills training will also reduce rising cases of drug abuse and prostitution among young people in Zvishavane District. This will also bridge the education gap for school dropouts through equipping them with skills thereby empowering them into having some form of self-reliance. Skills being taught include sewing, knitting, carpentry and welding.

We have noted that there is a huge interest in skills training as well as impact across as the district as we have been receiving huge applications for skills training. Shekinah received 87 applications for the first intake and only 19 Trainees were taken. The first group of trainees since the opening of the skills training center commenced their training on 14 February 2022 and graduated on 7 June 2022.

Intake 1 by Course and Gender

Total  20

A total of 19 Trainees graduated from the 1st Intake.

Our second Intake started on 1 August 2022 and will be graduating on 2 December 2022. For the second intake 92 applications were received and only 25 Trainees were enrolled. The reason we first took 19 Trainees was because this was our first intake and we also wanted to learn. The reason we took 25 Trainees for the second intake was because this is the ceiling of our accommodation facilities.
Intake 2 by Course and Gender
Sewing 11 0 11
Welding 2 7 9
Carpentry 0 5 5
Total 25
  A total of 24 Trainees completed their skills Training.


Shekinah this year benefitted from funding from Beit Trust amounting to USD $13,520.40 and this enabled us to increase our skills training tools and equipment as initially applied for. These tools will be able to cater for the increase in trainees per each intake.

The tools and equipment which were purchased were displayed at the graduation event on 2 December 2022. See attached Finance Reports – Income and Expenditure; Cash and Bank Reconciliation and Bank Statement.

Initially we had budgeted for an embroidery machine and buttonhole machine and the actual prices on the ground were way much higher than what we initially budgeted for hence these were not purchased. We however purchased a second Heavy duty sewing machine and a manual hand sewing machine with the funds available. Solar Equipment purchase and installation was initially budgeted at USD$5,000, however a total of USD$6,618 was used. We opted to have a Lithium 24 Volt battery compared to multiple Lead Batteries which are cheaper but not durable.


It was noted that the program can be continued or replicated in the future as a lot of young people and stakeholders showed so much interest in the project.

Before the end of the 4 months training, trainees were already making items for sale whilst the community was also placing orders for certain items. Proceeds from these sales can be used to cover operational costs, Trainer salaries, servicing and repair of equipment and tools.


We would want to appreciate the Beit Trust for financially supporting this project and ensuring that we purchase additional tools and equipment for the Skills Training.

Report Prepared By:
Juliet Bvekwa
Director – Shekinah Glory Organisation