Nsumbu Tanganyika Conservation Programme

Construction of Ranger Housing 
Zambia – December 2020

In late 2019 the Nsumbu Tanganyika Conservation Programme (NTCP) was awarded a grant of £35,000 by the Beit Trust to construct five scouts houses in Nsumbu National Park to help alleviate the shortage of suitable housing for the growing scout force. Five houses were successfully completed to a high standard. The addition of outdoor toilet / washrooms increased the cost of each housing unit, but these costs were absorbed by the Frankfurt Zoological Society’s NTCP with no adverse effects to the project. NTCP equipment and supervision ensured an efficient build, whilst the inclusion of district building officers and staff in the monitoring of the building project provided a platform for improved relationships which will be nurtured going forward. The completed houses are the highest standard houses for scouts in the entire project area and have positively contributed to ranger welfare and pride in the project area.