Miracle Missions – Vimba Clinic Solar

Miracle Missions – Vimba Clinic

Solar Project 
Zimbabwe – August 2021


Through the generous donation by BEIT TRUST we were able to reach an amazing goal of installing a solar power system through suppliers, Solar Squad, to Vimba Clinic in an area where there is no power. This enables the Clinic to function well with the limited equipment available, giving much needed lighting and enabling security lights to be put around the Clinic.  The clinic serves the community of Ward 22 covering around 11 000 people, 3 000 probably have access to the clinic under the headman-ship of Mr. Hlabiso, and the Counsellor Mr. Matayi.

Miracle Missions and VIMBA would like to thank BEIT TRUST for their donation of $11,102.00 and in partnering with us to make a real difference to this community. We would also like to thank the suppliers Solar Squad, as well as the individuals who made this possible towards changing livelihoods of the Vimba Community. 

Miracle Missions and VIMBA greatly appreciate your donations, and your support which helps to further our mission through such projects. 

Thank you again!

Miracle Missions Trust